Our students graduate in less than 4 weeks…wow!  It is amazing to think of how fast this school year has gone by.  

Before starting our second year ‘08-‘09 at Alaska Christian college, Shannon and I were a bit nervous.  Our first year here ’07-’08 had been quite the culture shock and was emotionally stressful.  So when we came back for a second year, we didn’t know what exactly to expect.  I think that both Shannon and I knew that it was possible that we could have a year like our first year, but we were hoping that God had other things in store, and He did.

This past school year has been filled with new experiences and lots of joy.  

In the beginning of the year, I was given administrative responsibilities when the Vice President went on sabbatical for 4 months, conducting many of his duties and learning a lot about how Alaska Christian College is run.   This year I have also been more involved with the spiritual life department as well.  I have headed up a group of students to be in charge of sound and PowerPoint for chapel, I have had the opportunity to lead worship a couple of different times, and have preached as well.   

One of my most enjoyable experiences this year has been the opportunity to work with the student appointed leadership team and watch them grow as leaders on our campus.  I believe that this group of students will one day be future leaders of their villages back home, and I couldn’t be more proud of them.  

Shannon has been a fulltime student, and has done extremely well, passing her Praxis I, Praxis II, and excelling in all 9 classes she has taken this year!  I am amazed at how dedicated and on top of things she is.  All she has left is to take two classes this summer and then student teach in the fall, and she will have her Master’s Degree.     

Shannon and I will be living in Anchorage, Alaska this summer.  Part of my seminary requirements is to do chaplaincy training in a hospital setting.  I have been accepted to do a summer internship at Providence Hospital (the same hospital where I was born) from June-August.  The internship is fairly intensive and has some weird hours, so hopefully Shannon will be able to get a flexible job in which we will have the same days off.

While Shannon is the one looking for a job this summer, her plans for next fall are set.  She will be student teaching at the local Christian School in Soldotna.  She loves it there, and they love her (what’s not to love?); it really is a perfect fit for both the school and us.

I hope that brings you up to date on what is going on with us…I always say that I am going to keep these letters short…it never happens.


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