This week in Chapel, the president of the college spoke to the students and asked a very poignant question, "Where would you be today if Jesus had never been born?"
Personally, I didn't have a quick answer for that question--I didn't know.  Christ has been such an integral part of my life since elementary school, I didn't have a clue what my life would look like without Him.
While my thoughts were spinning, one of our students answered the question audibly.  He stated "If Jesus had never been born, I'd be dead."  While there is a theological truth in this statement, he didn't mean it that way; what this student was saying was that he would be physically dead if it wasn't for him having Christ in his life.  And knowing the story of this students life, he wasn't exaggerating.
While it is kind of a morbid way to look at the holiday season, it also gives me a new perspective.  if 2000 years ago there wasn't a baby  born in a stable, where would I be today?  Where would my purpose come from? Would there be a point to my life at all? 
I probably wouldn't live in Soldotna, have met  Shannon, or work at a College.  My life would be different, it would be lacking true joy.

A baby born in the manger 2000 years ago changed my life.  Christ is truly the greatest gift of this holiday season.

As Thanksgiving is over, we look forward to the end of the semester and the start of Christmas break.  Students are finishing up their studies and it is cool to see the sense of accomplishment they are starting to feel as their first college semester has nearly come to an end.

Shannon also is wrapping up her first semester of teaching at the local elementary school.  It is fun when she comes home and recalls the innocent but humorous comments that her little ones make.  I believe it was Bill Cosby who had the show “Kids say the Darndest Things” and that still holds true today.

Apart from work, Shannon and I have been doing well.  Shannon has joined a group of coworkers who p90x after work, and I continue to play and referee hockey in the evenings.  We have been involved with a local church plant in the area and find that we enjoy living here more and more.

The biggest news for us is at the end of February, we are planning on moving out of our apartment and will be renting a three bedroom home that is 2 blocks from the school Shannon works at (currently Shannon has a ½ hour commute one way to work).  Our friends own the home and are moving out to one of the villages, so they asked us if we would like to rent from them.   We are looking forward to being closer to Shannon’s job, but are not looking forward to packing all of our stuff up again (we have done this every 8 months since getting married)!  

Thanks for reading…more to come later…:)