Dear Friends and Family---

                Sean and I are back at Alaska Christian College for our last year of missionary service to the school and we are excited and yet privileged to serve a new student body. This year we have our largest class, 40 students, half of them returning, and the rest with smiling, new faces.  We are encouraged by these students this year, probably more than our past two years, since many of them have come with a thirst and hunger to know God more.  Not that the other classes did not have this passion, but we have seen that there is just a greater sense of God’s presence in many of their lives, that they are interested in becoming more like Him each day.  With the mission of whole life discipleship of the school, we are eager and working towards molding these students to become more Christ-like.

                The start of the semester began the first week of September with Sean as the Resident Director of Student Life. He added more responsibilities with his job title, yet still interacts with the students on an everyday basis.  He absolutely loves cultivating these relationships with the students and excited to see how many lives will be changed for Christ this year.

                I have been very busy with the start of the school year and am entering my 12th week of student teaching. It has been a great experience with my combined class of 3rd and 4th graders. They are eager to learn, tell me lots of stories, and quick to earn ‘good choice’ stickers. My co-teacher is a bubbly, enthusiastic, lady named Kerri Nelson. She has made my student teaching experience a total blessing and has been a confirmation that this is where God wanted me to be. She is creative, fun, and very loving towards the students and makes me want to become more like her as a teacher.  Her patience and exuberance for her job will always be engrained in me as I move on after this internship experience.

                Therefore, we are off and running as our lives our intertwined with college and elementary-aged relationships, for the next school year. So as you think of us up North, please continue to pray for the ministry of Alaska Christian College and the lives that we are in the ‘business’ of molding.

                With Love--

Sean and Shannon Hoffbeck

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