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Yesterday was Shannon's first day of teaching Kindergarden.  The local news paper came by and give her an interview...she made the front page of the paper!
Check it out....
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Also, thanks to all who came out to the fundraiser dinner in June, we had a great time!

One of Shannon's old teachers works for the local paper in Ohio.  So when we had our fundraiser dinner there in June, he interviewed us and the article was published this week.  I thought you might enjoy reading it.

I have just put up three messages that I preached at the end of the school year.  Enjoy!
When have been in Ohio since the end of May, and time has flown by.  We are here for three reason: to see family, fundraise, and pick up our dog to bring back to Alaska.
We have had a great time, and now look forward to a summer of hiking and fishing in Alaska.
Just to share with you all, we have received all of our necessary funding for this school year!
Thank you all who have supported us financially and for those who have prayed and continue to pray for us!

Change, change isn’t always expected, but when God changes things, it is good.

I believe I have to take you back a little ways to explain where we find ourselves today.  Shannon and I thought we were coming to Alaska for two years.  She would finish her schooling (Masters in Elementary Education) and I would do my seminary internship at Alaska Christian College.  At the end of those two years, we would head to North Park Theological Seminary in Chicago where I would complete my schooling and Shannon would teach at a local school.  These were our plans and we didn’t ever question them.

A year and a half ago, Shannon received an unexpected surprise; Liberty University (the school she was attending online for her Master’s degree) informed her that she didn’t have the right core competencies from her undergraduate degree and would have to take more undergrad classes before she could get her master’s degree.  We saw this as a setback.  Though Shannon tried to make things work where she could still finish her degree in two years, there was just no way that it could happen.  We decided to stay at Alaska Christian College for one more year until Shannon completed her degree.

It was not until this past semester, as we accepted that God’s plan may not be the same plan as we had lined out for ourselves that we begin to explore the idea of not heading to Chicago for seminary.  We begin to ponder where we wanted to live…Shannon loves the schools in the area and is already certified to teach in the State of Alaska, our hearts have grown larger and larger for the native students that we serve, and we love the fishing, clamming, dip netting and hiking all found outside our backdoor.  In short, we love living in Alaska, the people we work with, and the students we serve.  As the two of us realized, Shannon before myself, that we really wanted to stay in this community, the two of us were overcome with a sense of joy and peace. 

I will still be attending Seminary in the fall, but I will be attending online instead of in the classroom.  Shannon is currently looking for employment within the local school district since she received her Master’s degree on January 7th!

We are looking forward to what God has for us, and the new adventures that we will have in this New Year…and years to come! 

-Sean and Shannon
Dear Friends and Family---

                Sean and I are back at Alaska Christian College for our last year of missionary service to the school and we are excited and yet privileged to serve a new student body. This year we have our largest class, 40 students, half of them returning, and the rest with smiling, new faces.  We are encouraged by these students this year, probably more than our past two years, since many of them have come with a thirst and hunger to know God more.  Not that the other classes did not have this passion, but we have seen that there is just a greater sense of God’s presence in many of their lives, that they are interested in becoming more like Him each day.  With the mission of whole life discipleship of the school, we are eager and working towards molding these students to become more Christ-like.

                The start of the semester began the first week of September with Sean as the Resident Director of Student Life. He added more responsibilities with his job title, yet still interacts with the students on an everyday basis.  He absolutely loves cultivating these relationships with the students and excited to see how many lives will be changed for Christ this year.

                I have been very busy with the start of the school year and am entering my 12th week of student teaching. It has been a great experience with my combined class of 3rd and 4th graders. They are eager to learn, tell me lots of stories, and quick to earn ‘good choice’ stickers. My co-teacher is a bubbly, enthusiastic, lady named Kerri Nelson. She has made my student teaching experience a total blessing and has been a confirmation that this is where God wanted me to be. She is creative, fun, and very loving towards the students and makes me want to become more like her as a teacher.  Her patience and exuberance for her job will always be engrained in me as I move on after this internship experience.

                Therefore, we are off and running as our lives our intertwined with college and elementary-aged relationships, for the next school year. So as you think of us up North, please continue to pray for the ministry of Alaska Christian College and the lives that we are in the ‘business’ of molding.

                With Love--

Sean and Shannon Hoffbeck

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To all our faithful followers:

Well, Sean and I are back in Alaska after a month of visiting family, friends, and eating at many graduation parties.  Sean’s brother Ian just graduated from Calvin College in Michigan, and Heather, my sister, graduated from high school, so we were very excited that both of us got to attend our sibling’s ceremonies.  The students at Alaska Christian College also graduated last month, and we are so proud of them. They all have come so far since the beginning of the school year and we are sad to see many of them go, especially the ones that are not returning in the fall.

So with that being said, we are excited to announce that we will once again be returning to Alaska Christian College for a third year and Sean’s new job description as the Resident Director.  He will have more responsibilities and is excited to have the privilege to serve one more year.  While he is working at the college, I will be student teaching at Cook Inlet Academy, a small Christian school, five minutes away.

As for now, Sean is currently doing C.P.E. (Clinical Pastoral Education) at Providence Alaska Medical Center in Anchorage, all summer.  With this internship, Sean gets Seminary credits towards his Masters of Divinity program at North Park Seminary in Chicago.  This internship consists of fifty hours a week of classes, visitation, night shifts in the emergency room, and training which is very useful in becoming a pastor.  As for me, my job that I got about a month ago for the summer fell through, but yet God is faithful and I just got another summer job at Sports Authority (for all the Ohioans, it’s like Dick’s Sporting Goods).  So I am actually very excited about it. (Shhh….don’t tell Sean, but I also get a discount, he may buy the whole store!)  So thanks for praying for me because I thought, “Who in the world wants to hire me for the next 7 weeks?” But they did.

In Alaska, we are currently up to more than 19 hours of sunlight, which is one of the best parts of the Alaskan summer.  So I have taken advantage of having the sun out by taking long jogs/walks at 10 o’clock at night, in hopes that no bear or moose decide to surprise me as I stroll down the road by Sean’s parent’s house.  Just a side note, when I was visiting Ohio last month, I was constantly watching for Moose as I drove along the road, and I had to keep reminding myself that I was not in Alaska. Ha. Anyways, the little things like that make me laugh, but am very grateful for the beauty that God has allowed me to enjoy while I am here.  I am also very excited that we get to take advantage of the fishing up here. I am totally addicted, so starting tomorrow we are personally kicking off the fishing season.

So that is life as of recently. Thanks for reading this and praying for us.

Gone Fishing…
Shannon and Sean