Please keep in prayer the students from ACC as they go home this summer.  It is extremely difficult for many of them and the temptations of drugs, alcohol, and sex are all around them.  Pray that they would stay strong, and that they would find positive Christian influences back home.

The school that Shannon works at is looking for a new assistant principal and another Kindergarten teacher (there are 3 at the school).  Pray for wisdom in the hiring decision as Shannon works very closely with these individuals.

Please also pray for Shannon and myself as we travel a lot this summer.  We are looking forward to seeing friends and family, but know that the amount of travel can be exhausting!

Thanks for all your prayers and support!
-Sean & Shannon
_·         Shannon and I have both found that we have had difficult classes this year.  And while we both love our students, it has definitely been challenging at times.  We know that God is using us to serve and to be a Christian example to them.  Pray for our strength and the attitudes of our students; that we would be able to serve them well, and that our students would experience a positive transformation. 

·         For fundraising: we are well short of our goal for this year.  Please pray that God would provide the funds to come in so we can continue to help in the mission of Alaska Christian College.

Thanks for all your prayers and support!
-Sean & Shannon
We ask for prayer for the RS's (Resident Supervisors) as they come to Alaska Christian College to serve the students.  These are the staff Sean supervises and their position is really stressful

For the church we attend, that God would bring someone with a musical gifting that can lead and organize the worship team

For Shannon as she prepares for a new year with new kindergarteners.

For the new Alaska Christian College students, that they would be transformed by Christ this year.

Thanks for all of your prayers and support!
We have a student at Alaska Christian College who is from the Middle East.  Five years ago he came to the US for high school.  While here, he became a Christian.  He soon realized that with his newfound faith, that returning home to the Middle East was a very dangerous reality—Christianity is not tolerated where he is from.

On November 24th at 8:30am PST he will be meeting with a judge in Seattle.  He is seeking religious asylum.  If you would please join us in praying for this student, that he would find favor in the judge’s eyes and be granted the religious freedom that we have in this country.  He is a wonderful young man and will be greatly missed if he is deported.

Praise--Shannon got a job last week as a Kindergarden teacher at a local elementary school.

Please pray for us as we look for monthly supporters since we still have a lot of support we need to raise for this upcoming school year.
*Praise- That Shannon has her Master's Degree!

*For Shannon to find a job this semester.

*That our students would continue to grow as individuals and in their walks with the Lord.

*An apartment to live in this summer

Thank you for your prayers and faithfulness.

-Sean & Shannon

For our students this summer.  That God would protect them and that they would make wise decisions.

That we would have quality time together this summer as we are both working jobs with odd hours.

For the fundraising that we have to do for the following school year.  That we would reach our goal of $9000.

Praise- For God's love and faithfulness!  We are continually reminded of what a great God we serve.

Thank you for your prayers and faithfulness

-Sean & Shannon


*For our students- That they would stay focused on their school work and finish the year strong.

*For Shannon to find a job this summer- close to home & flexible hours

*For Sean as he is still without a job next fall

*Praise- For Sean's internship this summer working out so well!

Thank you for your prayers and faithfulness.

-Sean & Shannon


Summer plans: Sean and I are trying to sort out what needs to happen this summer. Long story short, Sean needs to do Chaplaincy Training at some hospital that offers credit for Seminary and I need a job.

Future: We are planning to stay in Soldotna next year so that I can student teach. Sean needs a job after our two year commitment at ACC is through.

School: That God would continue to be gracious to me as I finish up 20 credit hours this semester.
Thank you for your prayers and faithfulness

-Sean & Shannon


That Shannon passes both her Praxis I and Praxis II

For clarity in where God is leading us this summer and next fall

For student teaching opportunities for Shannon in the fall ‘09

A praise that both of Sean's sermon's went well

Thank you for your prayers and faithfulness
-Sean & Shannon